Dynamic and Efficient Global Logistics Solutions

To maximize profits and take advantage of emerging e-commerce opportunities, your business needs to go wherever your customers are. At Elogistic, we enable you to grow without limits thanks to expert logistics services that adapt to the present and future needs of your company and clients.


Turn your business into an international powerhouse by offering the highest-quality customer service via access to warehouses throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. We take care of everything with seamless order fulfillment and logistics, allowing your company to focus completely on expansion without worrying about overhead costs.

Warehouse Locations


  • Warehouse Space:33,000㎡


  • Warehouse Space:3,000㎡


  • Warehouse Space:52,000㎡


  • Warehouse Space:2,000㎡

US East-New Jersey

  • Warehouse Space:315,000㎡

US South-Atlanta

  • Warehouse Space:55,000㎡


  • Warehouse Space:15,000㎡


  • Warehouse Space:4,000㎡


  • Warehouse Space:10,000㎡


State-of-the-Art Order Management

Keeping tabs on your orders is key to ensuring client satisfaction and smooth production processes. With our cutting-edge order management system (OMS), you can track orders instantly and effortlessly during every part of delivery: pick up, transport, storage and drop off. With transparent pricing, you have total control over storage fees, transportation costs, order fulfillment and any value added services you may require.

Who we work with


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