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  • No Inbound Fees

    With clear, easy-to-understand fees, you can plan ahead for each shipment, looking to the future with spectacular service knowing we’ve got your back, without any hidden surprises.

  • Same-day order processing

    Our 24-hour guarantee means that no matter what carrier or service you choose, your order will be prepared and shipped the same day.

  • Heavily Discounted Shipping Rates

    Whether shipping cargo containers by sea or delivering critical packages via air express urgently, our extensive carrier partnerships allow you to take advantage of exceptional service at the best rates possible.

  • No Limit or Minimum

    Instead of having to invest in a large workforce or costly real estate to open distribution centers, our state of the art warehouses allow you to store as much product as you need and coordinate deliveries with lightning speed.

  • Cross-border Fulfillment

    At Elogistic, we go above and beyond to guarantee global e-commerce efficiency by facilitating key aspects of international fulfillment such as customs requirements, paperwork, duties and invoicing.

  • Selling Internationally

    Our system of high-tech warehouses throughout the United States, Asia, Europe and Australia – along with over 2.5 million square feet of storage space – makes sure your customers receive orders on time and in prime condition. You can now have a local presence on four different continents.

  • B2B or B2C

    Whether you require parcels sent directly to a customer, or B2B, our warehouses and staff are equipped with tools to assist you.

  • Safe & Secure

    From pick up to delivery, we ensure your products reach their destination on time and in optimum condition. High-tech warehouse systems with constant live surveillance and fingerprint scanning provide unmatched security in every part of the world.

  • Hassel-Free Returns

    We take the hassle out of the returns. With tailored solutions your returns can be resold, repackaged, re-stickered or simply returned to you.

Second Day Delivery at Economic Price

With 18 warehouses around the world, getting your products to your customers quickly isn’t a problem. Immediate order processing keeps clients happy with effortless second-day delivery options at prices that maximize your profits. We offer hundreds of shipping services, using different carriers you can choose from.

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CA 2

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NJ 4

DE Warehouse

KY Warehouse

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Multichannel Integrations

Funnel orders from all your online marketplaces – Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy and more – into a single, simple-to-manage system. This makes for perfect, punctual deliveries, easier quality-assurance processes and happier customers. Make the most of your organization’s comprehensive ERP systems with professional APIs that integrate effortlessly and automate everything from raw materials receiving to outbound finished-product delivery effortlessly.

Accuracy & Speed

Our intuitive order management system (OMS) makes it easy to automate virtually every aspect of your customer service and order fulfillment processes. Detailed systems let you keep tabs on products and shipments anywhere in the world, staying in complete control of pick up, delivery, returns and everything in between.